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Nikon Club - July E-Newsletter: 5 Aesthetic Tips for more Pawsome Photos

Check out our JULY e-newsletter - 5 Aesthetic Tips for more Pawsome Photos! Read more »

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NikonClub Newsletter - May 2015

Life is about new experiences. Travel, and you will see the world looks different from every angle. ~ Imran Ahmad Read more »

SCOTT A WOODWARD DSC8399a Siem Reap Cambodia

April 2015: Empire of the Sun "Backlighting"

Nikon Club April 2015 E-Newsletter Read more »

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March 2015: Urban Landscapes

Stefen Chow: "I love urban landscapes. Just 5 years ago, there are more people living in a city than in rural areas." Read more »

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February 2015: Street Portraits

The streets are a haven of interesting characters worth photographing: from the laid-back dude filled with tattoos and.. Read more »

Salmon Sandwich

January 2015: I AM A FOODIE

“We eat with our eyes first” - Wondering how the burgers in famous fast food chains appear so delicious... Read more »


January 2014: Water in Motion

No doubt about it, some of the most stunning images ever captured has some elements of water in it. Everyday, we get in Read more »


December 2013: Architecture Photography

Buildings, structures and interiors can be found everywhere, be it in the urban jungle or in the rural countryside. Spac Read more »


November 2013: Travel Photography

From my survey among most of my students, travel photography is arguably one of the most liked topics in photography. In Read more »


October 2013: Backlight

There is a reason why many photographers choose to shoot only during certain hours which is popularly known as the golde Read more »


September 2013: Perspective; Creating Distance and Depth

There are occasions when you see certain images with long lines that lead you away to the corner of the image. Read more »


August 2013: Landscape Photography

Poets wrote poems and verses on landscape. Painters paint landscapes with their brushes and styles. Read more »

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Nikon Club - July E-Newsletter: 5 Aesthetic Tips for more Pawsome Photos

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