Adopting an unconventional point of view

The scene is one out of Transylvania. Dark rumbling clouds fill the sky, with parallel rows of looming buildings lining Read more »


Shop houses along Rochor Road

Be in awe by the beauty of old Singapore amongst shop houses along Rochor Road. Read more »

tip 6

The Singapore CBD

Catch the reflection of the skyline amidst gentle ripples of the Singapore River. Read more »


Sunset or sunrise

Capturing and framing the sunset or sunrise: Read more »


How would you best capture its beauty

You've been tasked to capture the essence of the lotus flower, a charming full-petalled flower that symbolises purity, b Read more »


Sekotong Lombok, Indonesia

Take a dive into the underwater grassland of Sekotong Lombok, Indonesia Read more »


Republic of Seychelles

Off the northern coast of Madagascar lies an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, named the Republic of Seychelles. Read more »


Multiplication factor technique

Nature photographer Rod Planck has been using the Multiplication factor technique to compose photos of moving water. Read more »



An image histogram is a graph that represents the tonal distrbution in your digital image. Read more »


Lovely locations

Take a closer look at the calm still waters of the lake that reflects a majestic mountain range and tell us where you wi Read more »


Nature up-close

The beauty of nature lies as much in its details as its majestic landscape Read more »


Stop and smell the flowers!

Stop and smell the flowers! Read more »