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Object Isolation

Object Isolation is a shooting technique that separates the object in the foreground from its environment in the backgro Read more »


Fascinating sea creatures

Take a deep dive into the world of underwater photography Read more »


How would you caption this photo

Marriage signals the beginning of a brand new life with your significant other. Read more »



To celebrate the beginning of fall, draw inspiration from images symbolic of the warm and toasty season. Read more »


Babies, toddlers, older kids

Kids are fun, they're intriguing. If you get to know them, you're going to capture them. Read more »


Rising Sun

Capture the gorgeous colours of a sunrise through your viewfinders with these tips! Read more »


<Know Your Terms> White balance

The 'White balance' function on today's digital cameras removes unrealistic colour casts, Read more »


Capturing an emotional journey

When we think of home, we think of family. The beginnings of a family blooms from a mother conceiving a child in her wom Read more »


Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority

Today we share how the Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes can be applicable to the creation of beautiful pictu Read more »


Blooming flowers

Blooming flowers represent new beginnings. You are tasked to capture a flower in bloom. Which approach would you take? Read more »


5 tips to help you capture night lights

Come nightfall, the Singapore cityscape is magically lit up with brilliant shades of luminous lights. Read more »


Close-up shots of flowers with your NIKKOR zoom lens

Look beyond the concrete jungle to discover the flora and fauna blooming across our tiny island. Contrary to popular bel Read more »