NikonClub PhotoTips Reflections

Basics of reflection shots

Water surface reflections are one of the most popularly attempted reflection shots. Read more »

NikonClub PhotoTips LTL 3677 1 w

The techniques of Macrophotography

A good macro shot has a clean background, sharply focused subject (eye) and good composition. Read more »

NikonClub PhotoTips Nikon 1 UFO

Shooting HDR images underwater

Go beyond the norms and break out of your comfort zone. Read more »

NikonClub PhotoTips SpaceInvader

Achieving the best focus in a macro shot

Even if you think you're close to the subject, don't be afraid to go closer. Read more »

NikonClub PhotoTips Frog

Enjoy a view of the finer details

Cameras with smaller sensors generally project a larger image (onto the sensor) from a closer distance. Read more »