tips 1

Incorporate wireless lighting techniques

"You can put the flash units where you want them and then stand at the camera and control the output of your flashes." Read more »

tips 3


To understand your new piece of technology better, head over to Digitutor, Nikon's online camera guide! Learn how to use Read more »

tips 7

Try your hand at low angle shots!

Emulate the composition and emotions captured in this shot by shooting from a low angle! Read more »

tips 6

David Anderson

Admire David Anderson’s take on isolation through his capture of this abandoned gas station found in the desert lands ea Read more »

tips 4


Admire the deferring compositions used to evoke solitude in these 2 snapshots! Read more »

tips 8

<Know Your Terms> Linear Perspective

Linear perspective photography creates an impression of depth to the viewer by capturing parallel lines, and making them Read more »

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Isolation is an abstract concept that may be difficult to convey in a photo. Read more »

tips 7

Object Isolation

Object Isolation is a shooting technique that separates the object in the foreground from its environment in the backgro Read more »