Photo Tips underwaterphotography

Underwater Photography

Soak up tips about underwater photography. Read more »

Photo Tips babyphotography 270x130

Baby Photography

The expressions of a baby never fails to bring joy to the parents. Capture them on screen and share the photos of your beloved child with us too! Read more »

Photo Tips nightskyphotography

Night Sky Photography

Star light, star bright, how many stars can your lens capture tonight? Dynamic photographs of the night sky require some good technique and preparation. Read more »

Photo Tips nikon picture control system 270x130

Personalise your photos with the Nikon Picture Control system

Learn more about the various image adjustments you can make with the Nikon Picture Control system! Read more »

Photo Tips photographingyourpet

Photographing your pet

Do you have a fond memory of your pet with its favourite toy caught on camera? Read more »

Photo Tips contrastcontrol

Contrast Control

Deep shadows and bright highlights can help create shape, texture and form in your image. Read more »

Photo Tips wildlifephotography

Wildlife Photography

To capture the perfect shot of the furry and feathery wild, you might need to camp out and wait patiently for your opportunity. Read more »

Photo Tips basicinstinct

Basic Instinct

Capturing your desired shot of a wild animal, you'll have to be prepared. Read more »

Photo Tips petatplay

Snap a shot of your pet at play!

Add a hint of mystery and a dollop of drama when snapping a shot of your pet at play! Read more »

Photo Tips animalphotography 5

"Bring out" its character in the photo

Shooting animals in their own element requires you to keep a safe distance and allow them to do what they are most comfortable doing. Read more »

Photo Tips animalphotography 3

Get down to its eye level

Getting down to the eye level of small animals can produce flattering, natural looking portraits of them. Read more »

Photo Tips animalphotography 2 270x130

Look for interesting ways to frame your photo

Experiment with different framing techniques, whether it’s zooming in to its textured hide or focusing on its beautiful eye. Read more »