October 2015: Scott A. Woodward's Tips on Architectural Photography

Get some tips from Scott A. Woodward on shooting architecture Read more »

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September 2015: 5 thoughts on photographing speedy things

Motion is bound to get your attention. If you have a camera and are anything like me the urge to capture is inescapable. Read more »

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August 2015: X-factor and Style in your photos

Ever wonder how to show that signature look that others will go saying, this is definitely your work? ~ Melvin Lau Read more »

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July 2015: 5 Aesthetic Tips for more Pawsome Photos

This month, learn 5 Aesthetic Tips for more Pawsome Photos! Brought to you by C.S.Ling. Read more »


June 2015: Our Loved Ones

Among all our loved ones, photographing young children will be the most challenging. Find out more from Maryann Koh! Read more »

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May 2015: Travel & Getaway!

Life is about new experiences. Travel, and you will see the world looks different from every angle. ~ Imran Ahmad Read more »

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Backlighting - Shooting into the Sun

Shooting into the sun can add an ethereal, evocative softness to your image – keep experimenting with it! Read more »

SCOTT A WOODWARD DSC0127 Siem Reap Cambodia

April 2015: Backlighting

As any photographer will attest, lighting is one of the most critical ingredients in all great pictures. Read more »

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March 2015: Urban Landscapes

I love urban landscapes. Just 5 years ago, there are more people living in a city than in rural areas. Read on. Read more »

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Shooting Street Portraits

The streets are a haven of interesting characters. Find out some tips on shooting Street Portraits by Danny Santos! Read more »

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Food Photography: A Visual Feast

“We eat with our eyes first” Wondering how the burgers in famous fast food chains appear so delicious? Read more »

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December 2014: A Picture of A Thing

“These are a few of my favourite things.” - To be fair, there are in fact plenty of ‘favourite things’. Read more »