Getting into the Reverse Ring Macro Craze

By Imran Ahmad

There’s never a right or wrong in photography. It’s more of a perspective and everybody has an opinion. The Reverse Ring Macro is a very old technique, an “oldie” but “goodie”, and I will be sharing my personal experience in this article. Read more »

Nikon D4S Wildlife Photography with C.S.Ling

By C.S.Ling

I’m very excited to put the Nikon D4S to the test on my recent wildlife photo workshop to Kinabatangan River in Borneo. Borneo is the birth place of my wildlife photography journey 8 years ago and I've travelled to Borneo for wildlife photography close to 20 times to date. Yet, it just never fails to amaze and surprise me every single time. Read more »

The speed light is the cheapest investment for you to improve your pictures

By Stefen Chow

Stefen loves his lights! The speed light is the cheapest investment for you to improve your pictures --- Why owning a speed light is the cheapest investment you can have to change your photographic style? Read on to find out what Nikon Professional Photographer Stefen Chow thinks! Read more »



By Scott A. Woodward

Join Nikon Professional Photographer Scott A. Woodward and his crew as they trek the mountains of Bhutan to test the Nikon D4S, and find out what went on behind the scenes of "Journey to Perfection" and "Taking Aim”! Read more »

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By Imran Ahmad

By Imran Ahmad Bin Rayat Ahmad - Every living thing on this planet has a purpose. Humans have been directly or indirectly influenced by the vast ocean throughout history. Its inhabitants playing a role of balance. Every action to the fragile balance of ecology has an opposite reaction. While there are more than 400 shark species in the ocean, as an apex predator, they are on the top of the food chain. A decline in the number of sharks has direct impact on the ecology of our ocean! Read more »


Winter Photography 101

By Alex Soh

I love shooting winter landscape because I often find it very magical. I remember shooting in Takayama, Japan – The day before was just a regular day with lots of sunshine, but when night fell, it started to snow. Read more »


Easy Traveling Photography Tips with Bryan Foong

By Bryan Foong

Very often, my social media messengers will pop up with a common question from my friends and followers. What camera or equipment should they bring when they are going for a holiday? Read more »


5 Portrait Photography Tips

By Stefen Chow

Humans. We are obsessed with them, as we see ourselves in others. The diversity of human variation is amazing - different cultures, varied forms of beauty, extreme spectrums of society strata, and traditions that has made us so similar and yet so different. Read more »


Alex Soh, World Traveler!

By Alex Soh

Do you dream of travelling the world? Nikon Professional Photographer Alex Soh is one such world traveler indeed who lives his dreams and brings out beauty of our world through Photography. Read more »


Capture Aspiration Workshop with Alan Lim

By Alan Lim

Equipped with the formidable tool that is the Nikon DSLR camera, youths residing in the rental-flat blocks of Jalan Kukoh seek to capture visual narratives of street life in Clarke Quay. The seminar is their first, of a four-part ‘Capture Aspiration’ photography workshop that began on Sunday 20th October. Read more »


An Interview with Scott A. Woodward

I inherited my passion for photography from my father, Rick Woodward. I grew up in a house filled with photography; hanging on the walls of my childhood home in Ontario, Canada are images my dad has made, himself an avid and accomplished amateur photographer... Read more »



I’m most inspired by Mother Nature -- every little detail, colour, texture -- is fascinating to the photographer’s eyes. Just last month, I had the privilege to host a photography outing and nature trail, with Nikon Singapore, titled “I AM AN ECO WARRIOR”, for children. Read more »